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P.O. Box 6465 Grand Rapids, MI 49516


The People's Choice

Mission Statement:

We are a non-profit organization determined to redefine music through praise for our one and only Lord, Jesus Christ. Larlen Communications Inc. is led by a team of passionate individuals who wish to bring the community together through the power of holistic music. As dedicated followers, we know that true peace comes from within but it needs religious redirection. To live a life free of emotional strife, Christians look to their Savior in everyday situation and that’s where our focus lies.

Power 91.9 FM – Listen to cleanse your soul

Do you feel lost in life? The world around you is drowning in callous extravagance, greed, and despise – all the more reason to seek a closer connection with Jesus. Religion can be the answer you’re desperately looking for and with our channel, you can realign yourself through a much-needed sense of enlightenment. Our forum serves as a one-stop-shop for cultural, educational, and religious discussions intertwined with the serenity of holy music.

Welcome to everyone in the public, we empower you to rekindle the fire within and renew your relationship with Christ.

We are networked with well-known ministry partners who share in our vision of prophetic preaching. Unlike traditional music, ours will glorify the Lord and show the listeners how Jesus is always looking after them. We wish to encourage community members through holistic messages that resonate with their soul, bring them closer to their goals and show them better ways of navigating world activities in accordance with the Lord’s instructions. Needless to say, we treat our mission to better the world with complete diligence and strive to bring more unity to the body through adherence to God’s orders.

The Broadcast:

Power 91.9 FM WDPW is owned and operated by Larlen Communications Inc. a nonprofit corporation transmitting at 91.9 FM Hz with a 4000 watt signal from 192 foot  tower.  See our “coverage map.”